Artwork Commissions


I am looking for a 3D artist to design a specific object not available in the Sketchfab database.

Is there a marketplace for this?

Thank you!

hi, im a bit of a novice so might not be of any use to you, but are you able to say what sort of object your looking for?
it might help you get a response from others

Thanks for the response!

I am looking for someone to put together a relatively simple 3D model of a Lobster Boat.

This is for film storyboarding software that requires these specs:

Suggested size under 100mb (150mb max)
under 250k Triangles (400k max)
glTF format

I can link to reference images, blueprints, and scale-drawings as well.

Let me know if there is a better place to list something like this. Thanks!


Hi Lance, send us these reference pictures.
Or send it to my e-mail -

Thank you.

Lance, I’m available to take this work. Send me please your material to at

Talk more via email.