Audio added to Sketchfab?

(Wturber) #1

I found two articles online dated May 9, 2017 announcing that Sketchfab had added audio to VR and 3D scenes. One article seems to have disappeared but can be read in google cache. The blog link in the cached articles is no longer valid. It kinda looks like either someone ran an story before things were finalized or that Sketchfab did release the feature and then pulled it back for some reason. Can anyone here explain?


(Shaderbytes) #2

All good theories you have there ,I'm sure at least one of them is probably correct :slight_smile:


Stay tuned :innocent:

(Wturber) #4

I hope you understand from the standpoint of a user/customer that this kind of response is really no better than simply ignoring the question.

(Minzkraut) #5

There's a couple of those around, I guess the release of the feature will be coupled with the release of "Lily and Snout", being one of the bigger examples featuring sound.
What I'm more curious about is how these sites got selected by Sketchfab...

(Shaderbytes) #6

Dont be unreasonable. It is obvious that the answer is exactly what it is, you are simply acting out now because you dont like the answer. You have seen it a hundred times in movies im sure, you know when a reporter tries to dig for information that is not available yet to the public. The response they receive is "no comment" , "we can neither confirm or deny" ..etc..

catch a hint and dont be so uptight :slight_smile:

(Wturber) #7

I'm not being unreasonable at all. I can appreciate that they can't or won't answer the question. It is kind of what I expected from Sketchfab. After all, if they had something official, it would probably be on their blog (which I checked). I mostly posed the question in the hopes that some un-official source might be able to shed some light on things. Getting a flip response, non-informative, response from an official source is annoying. I think it is fair to let them know.


@wturber I'm sorry for being vague, but there's not much more to say.

Sound is on the roadmap, but there have been delays (as these things always go). There is currently no ETA.


We just launched our Sound feature!