Audio in loop is not seamless playback

(Vlad) #1

Windows Crome/Firefox, audio play with small gap.

Also, i think ALL audio models must have "Play audio" button. No one should autoplayed.
Or Mark about audio. Or both.

Try to imagine situation when someone add for fun loud sound from porno to random model.
And you have audio on speakers.


@nehon @paul_sketch I'm not sure if that's the expected behavior or a bug - can you have a listen?

And thanks for the feedback - @mauricesvay what do you think?

Regarding specifically porno sounds, that would be against our terms as well as our community guidelines, and would be removed.

(Checkered) #3

i tried to make a perfect sound loop but i hear the gap at the end. I guess the reason is mp3 file format. every time you saved your .wav or .aiff to mp3 - you get a gap in your loop. seems like mp3 always makes a fading at the start and the end. It could be very nice to make a support for wav/aiff format.
and i think that autoplay is ok.


Yes, it seems to be a limitation of the mp3 format. We hope to find a solution!

(Rogyrue) #6

Just made a track for a scence and saved it and it goes and plays the audio along side another pose and not the one i saved it for. Better to disabel audio unitl it rather than let paying customers find bugs for you and waste there time


@mauricesvay @paul_sketch i'm not sure what the expected behavior is for sound + multiple animation tracks?

(Mauricesvay) #8

We only support one animation track for sound, which should cover the majority of models.