Augmented Reality Lab Project

(Jon Russell) #1

Has anyone got the augmented Reality Lab Project working? I tried it on two devices but it crashes my browser each time (chrome).

(Bart) #2

It loads fine for me on Chrome/OSX. Please note that it's very simple - just an overlay of a 3D model on a webcam video background - there's no actual tracking involved.

(Twitte King) #4

i found out about this and tried today, win 8 chrome, seems to works!

new question, i "printed" the tracking qr code. and i can control rotation of the model by tilting the qr code, but no translation... may i ask it translation is not supported yet or i am doing it wrong? thanks!!

(Twitte King) #5

the rotation is a bit jerky, also the tracking work on the default model but not my own model, i tried with the yakult

shouldnt be too heavy
still tons of fun seeing the overlay

(Paul Sketch) #6

scale is not handled, so not the same scale as the sample will get you different problems. (like translation)

(Jon Russell) #7

Saw the lab project for this, but have not tested it yet. I checked the API documentation though and could not find a section relating to how to call-up the AR function. I know this can be done for VR, is it now possible for AR?

(Jon Russell) #9

Thanks for this, I will have a look now. There is so much to do with the API its hard to pick and stick with one subject.