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Austin Mini Mk2(WIP)


(Rory Scanlan) #1


I am creating an Austin Mini MK2 for uni as you can see :wink: , I will eventually make two version of this mesh, one with much detail for still shots and another version with many parts deleted for in game use.

I have been staring at this thing for quite some time now and would love some fresh input. The car is supposed to be a 'classical racing mini'.

I know its not a perfect replica but I am new to all this so any comments or tips on topology/softwares/tools or anything really would be greatly appreciated, I am open to all suggestions! :slight_smile:
I am about 70% toward the end of modelling this thing(I hope) and I will be moving onto UV mapping very soon! Any input on that would also be appricated :slight_smile:

So far I have only used Maya, I will keep this post updated as I create this thing
Here are some quick and dirty renders of what I currently have(Just MentalRay Materials Applied).

And here is the 3D Link! :blush:

(Rory Scanlan) #2

I wasn't completely happy with the topology, so I decided to do a topology pass using Maya's quad draw. Just finished the largest piece of the body :slight_smile: I'm gonna do the wings next and any other things I think are too dense.

(Shaderbytes) #3

my first car was a mini, although I had a clubman :wink:

Looking good so far! The headlight look a little too extruded although it might just be because they are not textured ..

Looking forward to more progress.

(Rory Scanlan) #4

I wish i had a real mini to reference would be much easier! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah i think your right about the headlights, I'm hoping to post some more fixes tonight I will add the lights to the list :slight_smile:

(Rory Scanlan) #5

So here is a list of updates, I hope they are improvements :stuck_out_tongue:

Resized Headlights, Remodeled Seat, Added Door well and seals, Reduced poly count on roll cage, added some door details and interior details.

Thanks for checking out the post, any suggestions/tips/C&C is welcome :slight_smile:

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #6

Model really looks good and I assume that you still need to re-mesh front parts;). I probably would delete those loops on doors. Those vertexies do not add nothing to the shape so why made them ? for sake of nice wire? Same goes with the side windows of the car, they are flat so also you can remove spare vertexes.

BTW : when I model a car i always use video reference never google image search a 90% of images are CG :wink: In Blender you can put video reference as background or in separate window so modeling is so easy.