Authenticate viewing of all private models embedded on a site

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I'm looking into the possibility of using Sketchfab and the viewer API to embed various 3D scenes into ESRI's Story Map Cascade web platform. I'm pretty happy with how the API works and am pretty confident I can achieve what I need to with Sketchfab with the exception of one potentially major problem.

The models would need to be completely private ideally and the only way I can see to achieve with the way I am having to integrate into Story Maps is for the client to have to input a password for every single embedded 3D view on the site. Is there a way to authenticate all embedded Sketchfab objects site or page wide? Or am I out of luck here?


Jon Westlake


If you make models Private with no password, they are "unlisted" so they can only be viewed if you have the link and/or embed them.

I think that's the closest you can get for now.