Authorise via 3ds Max Exporter


(Smgstudio) #1

I cannot revoke authorisation (unauthorise) through the Sketchfab exporter, from a private account to this account.
I have followed the instructions to revoke, I have uninstalled the script and reinstalled, I have cleared cache and browsing data, but everytime I click authorise it loads a private account.
I have unconnected the plugin from within Sketchfab in my browser, I have unconnected Facebook too.
I log into the new account - this one - it still authorises to the personal account - EVERYTIME.

How can I resolve this? We purposely purchased the pro account to do this, but its not working and very frustrating.


@smgstudio - What version of 3ds Max and Windows are you on?

@klaasnienhuis @waleguene - have you seen any issues with revoke?

(Klaasnienhuis) #3

Logging out from one account and logging into another is possible. There are two ways to do this but they both involve Internet Explorer. Logging out in any other browser will not log you out according to the script. It's all documented here:

I've illustrated it in a video:

@smgstudio did you follow these steps?