Authorization error

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I'm trying to upload the test scene on your site. I use script for 3ds max 2014 x64 (win7).
After pressing the button "Authorization" I get an erorr as at the picture

What can i do?


(Bart) #2

@klaasnienhuis - any ideas?

(Klaasnienhuis) #3

@bartv, I guess the js-file throwing this error is a library by sketchfab? It's obfuscated and pretty hard to debug. It's possible this error is caused by the fact this browser window is Internet Explorer.

@mldb: did you just install the script? If so, you need to restart max once after installing.

(Mldb) #4

I have restarted max at ones after recieving the error, but it come back.


cc @pap @waleguene ...

(Pierre-Antoine) #6


It seems you're using a very old version of Internet Explorer, like IE8.
Can you upgrade your browser to a newer version (IE11+)?

@klaasnienhuis Is the browser used by the 3dsmax plugin the browser of the os?

(Klaasnienhuis) #7


the browser version is definitely one of the challenges. In 3dsMax I use C# to cover the entire oauth process. In order to be able to intercept the traffic and get the return values of the oauth-process I have to use the built in browser control which is Internet Explorer. That's what ships with .net.
By default, this IE version is 7 or 8. It's possible to use a higher IE version by setting a registry value for 3dsMax called FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION and that's what I do. I set it to use IE10. I used IE 11 before but that gave issues on win10.
The downside is this registry change is only active after 3dsMax has been restarted once after installing the script. This user states he has restarted max but still has this issue.
So, no the browser used by 3dsMax is a version of IE which I can specify.