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Auto load sketchfab models

(Brenly) #1

Just wondering if it were possible or something you guys are thinking of doing.
It would be great if Sketchfab models auto loaded in the background to reduce the wait time when looking at models. This can be especially painful when looking at peoples portfolios that consist of a number of models.



Hi there,

In what context would you want to see something like that? On Sketchfab profiles? On other websites with embedded Sketchfab viewers?

(Brenly) #3

I have students who use Sketchfab to show off their work. Problem is some companies have been complaining that the load time is slow so they have been recommending not to use it.
If the models loaded in the background before the viewer clicked on the Sketchfab link this would hopefully eliminate the wait time.

Just an idea :slight_smile:


Understood! I'd love to take a closer look at some specific models that are loading too slow. We're constantly making the viewer and the website faster, but there are a lot of ways to improve performance in the model itself, too.

(Brenly) #5

From my experience geometry doesn’t seem to slow the download all that much, it’s large textures that seem to slow things.
Do you guys have a list of dos and donts with creating efficient Sketchfab models?


You can read a lot about download times and viewer performance here:

(Brenly) #7

Thanks James … I’ll definitely try some of this out

(Brenly) #8

Thanks James .. got it working!
Ive been looking into Carbonmade and Alban got sketchfab working on it but I can't seem to get it to work. Is Carbonmade supported by Sketchfab?

(Brenly) #9

Looks like Sketchfab no longer supports as well :frowning:

(Alex Nan) #10

Ive noticed at least double load time if the phone is older than 2015- also on iPhones seems a bit faster and smoother. I use iPhone 6s and I can't complain for models around 50mb+ and Im on LTE / 4G - would say around 10 seconds load + 5 seconds for visual optimization.
Would greatly appreciate an offline mode !