autoCad export?


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Hi we are looking to display lots of 3d "products" on a website that I am building for one of my clients. My client works in 3d product design.

I came across sketchfab (while researching what was possible) and now I am interested to see if sketchfab can work with exported autocad files?

if it doesn't, is there a way to export from auto cad into another type of software and then re save the file into a supported format?

image from autoCad export:

Thanks for your time.


Hi Surge,

Our supported formats:

From that list, we support STL, but there will not be any color/material information saved in STL.

I thought AutoCAD could export DWF?

You can also export STEP or IGES and use other software like FreeCAD or Rhino to convert to VRML or OBJ or something.

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Ok thanks.
Is DWF the more supported format of the bunch?
If so I will ask my client to follow the DWF export tutorial you posted.


Our support for DWF isn't super robust, but it is the best option for AutoCAD.