Autocad Inventor loses face appearance (coloring) when uploaded


(Guardian) #1

I recently made a model of a bridge in Autodesk Inventor. I downloaded the "publish to sketch-fab" add-in so I could upload to sketchfab right from Inventor. I then uploaded the bridge to sketchfab. When I did this it lost all of it's color. It was completely grey. Does anyone know if I did something wrong, or how to fix it? I see sketchfab is capable of doing incredible coloring, but I'm not sure if it recognizes the coloring from Inventor.

(Dark Minaz) #2

i never used inventor, but it sounds like it didn't export the texture (where the color is saved) or multiple materials (making certain parts the same color)

according to a quick google search
quick export might save the data and you could upload it by hand.


The inventor plug-in used the DWF format, which has support for basic colors on Sketchfab. However, I've never used the software, so I'm not sure how to set up your model to take advantage of it.