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Autodesk Showcase workaround textures

(Lithos) #1

Do you have a special workaround for autodesk showcase? I am trying to import *.fbx files. The model is uploading, but there are no textures. I am using textures as *.jpg. There should be no tiles
I want to show a 3D model like for example:
I want to bind all models as 3D models with Sketchfab.
Thank you
Marcel Kop

(Waleguene) #2

Hi Marcel,

Are you exporting your FBXs with the textures embedded (i.e using the "Embed medias" option of the FBX exporter panel) ?
Or are they zipped with your fbx ?


(Lithos) #3

Hello Aurelien,

i included the embedding modus!
I can send you the orgiginal file if you need!

Best regards,

(Lithos) #4

Hi Aurelien, Did you Forget me?

(Waleguene) #5

Hi Marcel,

Sorry, I hadn't been very active these days. Can you send me your sample?

(Waleguene) #6


Thanks for the sample. When I try, I have some textures but some of them don't look to be referenced in the FBX. Texures are tiled in some parts, and according to your first post, it may be an issue. Could you export your model as ASCII FBX, enabling the "Embed media" option and send me it by message so I can have a look on the data that is actually stored in the FBX ? I will helps a lot.

Thank you in advance,

(Lithos) #7

I cannot find such an Option 'save as ASCI FBX'?

(Waleguene) #8

Hum, maybe you don't have the option. Which authoring tool do you use ?

(Lithos) #9

at the Moment: None!
We are using Autodesk Inventor to create the models and Autodesk Showcase to Show them with the materials. We want to show them (embed the models in our Homepage) in 3D via Sketchfab


How did you create the FBX file?

(Lithos) #11

Export as *.fbx and then I tried all versions of check marks (three check marks are possible)


In Inventor or Showcase?

(Lithos) #13

I do it in Showcase Inventor doesn't Export *.fbx


Ok thanks. @waleguene - Maybe we could discuss/test some Showcase FBX outputs?

(Waleguene) #15

@james Yes, we need to check that textures are well referenced so we can correctly get them in Sketchfab.
@lithos Thanks, we will check Showcase outputs and see how we can solve your problem. We will back to you soon!

(Waleguene) #16

Hi @lithos,

I tried to upload your sample and didn't reproduced the missing textures problem. It should'nt be a problem since we keep all the textures that are zipped with the model (even if it doesn't use them).

For the tiling issue, I seems to be related to the way materials and mappings are defined in Showcase. When editing your materials, you can choose to use model's UV coordinates (that are actually stored in the .FBX file), or some mappings that are set by Showcase at render, using this dropdown menu :

It looks like you use Triplanar mapping for the sample. Setting the mapping type to Parametric(UV) will use the UV data from the FBX, and lead to the same result as the one you get on Sketchfab. In our side, UV coordinates are the only data that we can have to map the textures.

A possible workaround would be to set the mapping of your models before exporting to FBX, in order to get a good result with UVs. Texture baking can also be a solution for you to reach this goal.