Autodesk VRED support


(Kyle Friske) #1

Is anyone out there trying to use Autodesk's VRED software along with Sketchfab?

Here are vred's export options:

Sketchfab either doesn't support the file format or the model doesn't appear. I can get .obj to show, but there is no .mtl created to bring the material along with it. The models are being created in inventor, imported into VRED as .iam, materials appied and then i want to export to sketchfab. VRED's materials presentation is where it really shines and i want to use those materials for at least a start in Sketchfab.

Does anyone have any insight? I've found that VRED has a lot of potential, but the online support is pretty lacking. probably because of the cost of entry for the software.

(Mrchlblng) #2

Hey @KyleFriske,

The issue I see is that VRED is CAD oriented and it exports NURBS surfaces that we currently do not handle on sketchfab.
This is something that we'll probably support in the future; in the meantime you could probably try the VRED tesselation and export a FBX file (if this format preserve the materials definition).