Awesome spaceship models

(Bart) #1

We found a number of great spaceship models and I thought I should share them here. Feel free to add yours, and tell us a little about your project!

Wraith Cruiser by Phoenix Interactive Inc. on Sketchfab

Battlestar Galactica by Phoenix Interactive Inc. on Sketchfab

starship_crashed by Fox3D on Sketchfab

Space Station Fighter 2 by angryfly3d on Sketchfab

Starship Destroyer 1 by angryfly3d on Sketchfab

SciFi Destroyer by GrafxBOX on Sketchfab

Fighter-BM8-OBJ.obj by GrafxBOX on Sketchfab

Fighter-BM5-OBJ.obj by GrafxBOX on Sketchfab

MRS-CETO by ecburgess on Sketchfab

Light Skirmish Airship by on Sketchfab

(Chaitanyak) #3

wow these are brilliant!

(Resetxform) #4

Destroyer Spaceship by Philippe Barbot on Sketchfab

(Bart) #5

I rather like that menacing black/red combination!

(Iggy Design) #6

(Iggy Design) #7

Zeneca Fighter by iggy-design on Sketchfab

(Daelon) #8

So... spaceship here...

Condor Spaceship by daelon on Sketchfab

(Sergiu Ikarus) #9

Here's my set of space race vehicles. I can't say much about them at the moment more than they are 3D concepts for more unusual type of race game that i'm trying to develop in my free time . At the moment it's still just conceptualizing and idea pitching but this web tool helps me a lot to show the art style that i'm trying to go for ( instead of just a 2D picture).

MV2 by sergiu.ikarus on Sketchfab

MV3 by sergiu.ikarus on Sketchfab

MV1 by sergiu.ikarus on Sketchfab

(Patrix) #11

I'm such a noob modeler comparing to you guys...

Spaceship by patrix on Sketchfab

(Yoshipicture) #12

Hello. Here is a shipmodel from.
The original concept is from Jake Parker and I wanted to recreate it.

spaceship by yoshipicture on Sketchfab

(Vtsst) #13

Here's a cool Spaceship I found embedded on BĂ©hance (the model was also staff-picked recently): FireFly Fighter by Jaroslav Grafskiy:

FireFly Fighter by jargraf on Sketchfab

(2bitgfx) #14

Good stuff Bart! Thanks for sharing.
Here are a couple links to some of my efforts in this arena. by 2bitgfx on Sketchfab

Hercules by 2bitgfx on Sketchfab by 2bitgfx on Sketchfab

I've got several more. One of these days, I'll get them onto Sketchfab...

(Bart) #15

Sweet work! I especially like the materials on the Hades ship.

(Toco Gamescom) #16

I would love to play that game alone for the premise to flying those!

(Thetupi) #17

These ships are very stylish! Tks

(Hong Zhihao) #18

Many awesome spaceships here!
Would like to add mine to the collection smile
The USS Enterprise NCC-1701
To boldly go where no one has gone before..

USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) by HongZhihao on Sketchfab

(Hong Zhihao) #19

Hi! i uploaded another spaceship to test the PBR shader

Another spaceship from Star Trek
hope you like it!

USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E) by HongZhihao on Sketchfab

(Pauljs75) #20

New here, hope I'm embedding the model the right way. (Didn't see which way was preferred mentioned in guidelines.)

My spaceship isn't as serious as most others. Not a fighter or big cruiser, but more of a personal runabout craft with some aspects of the Jetsons style. Just a fun little two-seater that would get you around a planet and into orbit.

Starlyte 300 by pauljs75 on Sketchfab

Fixed by switching from embed to model URL. Saw it mentioned in another post, but not in guidelines. shrug

(Nova29r) #21

Pike Gunship by nova29r on Sketchfab

Egoza Fighter by nova29r on Sketchfab

Bulldog Gunship by nova29r on Sketchfab

(Yles9056) #22

Nice space ship model from the game "Fractured Space" by Edge Case Games
The game is in early alpha stage, but it looks pretty cool. smiley

USR "Flagship" - Fractured Space by Edge Case Games on Sketchfab

Zarek "Hunter" - Fractured Space by Edge Case Games on Sketchfab