Backface Culling via API?

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When uploading using the API, is it possible to set all materials of the model to one-sided by code?
Thank you!


Hi Jan,

It's not possible via the API yet. Can you tell us more about your use case?


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Oops, sorry for the late reply and thanks for the info!
The use case is an interactive VR art experience, the users can deform a wireframe mesh and stick cloth-like image objects on it. It's a Unity project targeting the Vive. These image objects use two materials, one with culling front, one with culling back - making them practically double sided, but with a different texture on each side.
After finishing the sculpture and before uploading the custom wireframe material is replaced with a material that fakes the wireframe using an alpha-tested texture. Also each two sided image object is replaced with two single sided objects with the same mesh but different normals. The default Sketchfab mode for meshes seems to be double sided, but when I sent the object with two materials it came out wrong. My workaround converting to two meshes works, but only if I change the material settings manually, else there I get horrible z fighting :slight_smile: I also need to adjust the settings for transparency of the pseudo wireframe material.