Background transparency doesn't appear to be working

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Hi Guys,

I've ran a few tests and as far as I can see the background transparency is not working when I embed the file, the whole background turns white now, also in published files in which the embedded sketchfab files were transparent before.

I've tried several settings but the background won't go transparent.

I must say this is happening when I embed sketchfab in Articulate Storyline, not sure yet if it happens in a webpage.

Kind regards


Hi Byron,

Could you send me a link to the page with the embed?


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I'm talking to Articulate about it also
It seems an older publish of storyline, about a month old works fine and a new version Storyline 360 v3.712674 publish produces a white background on the webobject / embed video, I'll see what they come back with.

My post on the articulate forum

A link with a sample of the occurrence - go to slide 2
You'll see a white background, this normally works nice and transparent, I have an older version that works fine.


Thanks! It doesn't seem related to Sketchfab. If I delete the viewer elements from the page, there is still a white box. Looks like our iframe is being nested inside another iframe that has a white background:

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Oh, r u sure? because at Storyline Crystal came back with :'
It matches the issue that's on our radar. I'm sorry it's interfering with your course design! I'm adding this discussion onto our documentation. When we have an update to share, I'll be able to let you know in this thread.'

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Especially because if I use an older publish of storyline published in a older version, with the same sketchfab I get transparancy, my conclusion is that it has to be storyline, unless the embed code has changed, which I don't believe it has?


Yep, I'm very confident that the issue is on their end :confused:

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Ok good, thanks, I'm sure(hope) they'll fix it in the next update