Backside of objects - photogrammetry

(Archaeologyscotland) #1


I am having problems capturing two sides of object. I have tried using the turntable method as well as walking around the object. However, it seems that the software picks one of the sides and leaves the other side blank although I took the same number of photos on each side. Obviously, I have to turn the object and it seems that is where it goes wrong. I have also tried processing them in different chunks, but I don’t get enough points to actually create a usable dense point cloud to put them together. The software often doesn’t align a lot of the photos. It seems it also doesn’t pick up a lot of obvious tie points - and that it doesn’t use a lot of the points that it picks up?

Does anybody have some advice?


(Mauricesvay) #2

If you rotated the object, using masks to remove the background on photos might help. This will force the software to only use feature of the object and not use features from the background.

(Nebulousflynn) #3

@archaeologyscotland I’m a bit late to the party but are you able to share the image set? Did you manage to overcome the issue?