Bad internet leading to Upload failure

(Mathias Lui) #1

Hey, what possibilities are there to upload things? I tried uploading a model and then dragging the textures in the slots and click “save settings”. I also have tried Zipping everything up and uploading it. I have bad internet so that should take about 30 mins. But it randomly stops mid-way through and gives and error that it has failed.

I guess that’s because of my bad internet but I also can upload to google drive or mediafire without problems. It just will take a bit longer, but a failed connection makes no sense. Is there another way I can try?

(Shaderbytes) #2

sheez how big is the file you are trying to upload? I have mega slow internet and to take 30 minutes to upload must mean the file is massive…

I heard of resume support for downloading , never really encountered it uploading. im pretty sure the developers are at the mercy of the browsers in regards to upload, so if the browser fails from a network connection glitch so do they … and there is nothing they can do to fix it. The browser needs to support such behaviour , well that is my theory i could be mistaken.

anyway cheers