Bad rendering of Point Cloud

(Tai Pinc) #1


Recently there seems to have been a change in the way Sketchfab is showing point cloud models. The points are not constantly visible and they seem to change size and appearance. Perhaps this is an anti-aliasing issue?



(Stephomi) #2

It's probably an antialiasing indeed.

To be sure can you provide me with a screenshot (without tweaking the camera) of,49.81,4.79&cameraTarget=-7.47,50.98,4.80 ?


(Tai Pinc) #3

Is it possible for me to turn off antialiasing ?

here it is -

Thanks! :smile:

(Tai Pinc) #4

This one is a very good example (at

Look at the points in the upper-right corner. all dots should be equal size and approximately equal colour/brightness. Instead it just looks very noisy.
In denser parts it looks like weird patterns, sometimes sharp and sometimes little blurry.

(Stephomi) #5

Ok, we decided to disable the antialiasing if there's no triangles in the scene.
We'll ping you back when it's done and live.

(Tai Pinc) #6

Yay! Thank you very much :smile: