Baked AO Shadow Viewer API

Hi! I’m new here and in using the Viewer API, and have a question.

I use the Baked AO Groundshadow in a configurable project / model.
Via the Viewer API I use and api.hide() for the nodes to create a configurable model.

Now lets say I have a ball and a box, so the Baked AO Groundshadow is generated by both objects, the ball and the box. In my project, the user can switch between showing the ball, or the box: how can I regenerate the scene or show / hide the correct Baked AO groundshadow for the ball - or the box?

Thanks in advance

The baked AO ground shadow is calculated client-side (in your browser, as you’re in the 3D editor). I don’t think you can trigger re-calculation from the API.

Ah ok I see. Hm.

Lets say I use the camera movement to solve my problem with the baked shadow.
So each object in the scene gets it’s own very nice shadow and I center the object with a camera drive and hiding the other objects.

The only thing now is, the baked shadow from the hidden object as you can see in my screenshot is still visible. Do you know a trick or workaround to make the shadow itself invisible without destroying the clean background environment?

Edit: ok I can limit the cam yaw so there is no chance to get a view on the lonely shadow in the background, for this project it’s acceptable

I think you’ll have to use real-time shadows to achieve this.