Baked ground shadow for animated model

I think it would be great to have the option to use a baked ground shadow for animated models. They look much better.

It could be taken from a static frame and obviously wouldnt animate.


I agree with you. Some models don’t really move much and have little things turning.
But for now, I just bake ground shadows on a plane with 3D software and important it to Sketchfab

Yeah exactly. I’ve done that a couple of times. But light baking isn’t my forte and it’s a bit of a faff. It’s also tricky sometimes to get it to blend in with whatever background image or colour you’re using

+1 I know it wont be correct for animated models , but in many cases the blob shadow of where the base of the model is grounded is what we are after :wink: in some cases depending on the model animation it might be obvious it is static but again in many other cases it will not be noticed. I think it should just rather have a warning or info block letting users know it is static and will be baked according to the first frame of the animation, then it is our own choice to use it or not.

Yes, this is something we have talked about many times internally.
We tend to lock the editor ui a bit so that users get the best of it without knowing too much of the details.
Allowing too much flexibility tends to end up in “messy” rendering because some options are not totally compatible with each other.
Models with like a running animation will look horrible with baked ao. However… cars with opening doors would work just fine.
That’s something still debated in the team. It might come.


Id like to think the creator would be able to choose the one that looks the best for their particular model

my fingers are crossed :slight_smile: