Baking problems


(Igor Piwonski) #1

Hi, im new to substance painter. I have problem with baking textures, im always getting weird low poly look for some reason, could you please tell me how should LP - HP model be related? Maybe some questions will make it easier.

  • Does HP model have to be a bit "bigger" than LP model? If so, how to achieve that on multi mesh model without ruining it.
    -Does high poly model have to have nice topology? Or i can go totally insane with adding details?
    -Should i chamfer edges on low poly model, or baked textures will do their job?
    -What is the proper naming convention for models?
    -Should i join all parts of model into one object, or leave them separated to diffrent objects with one element each?

Uploaded some screenshots of my meshes, and low poly mesh before and after bake.

(Mrrik) #2

Hi @IgorPiwonski, I'll try and answer your questions:

  1. No your highpoly and lowpoly should be the same size. The reason for this is when you are going to bake your textures substance will make a cage around your model and will try and project your highpoly details onto the lowpoly mesh. If you would make your highpoly bigger then the lowpoly it would screw up your bake and wont give you the result you want.

  2. The highpoly doesnt need a nice topology as long as you dont have any shading issues. If you see for example issues because of ngons and your mesh having weird black spots you should fix those areas to improve your bake.

  3. chamfering edges isnt neccesary but more something you should consider on your own. Do I need this extra geometry here or could my normal fix this problem? Those are the questions you'll have to figure out yourself and the more you do these kind of things the easier it will get :slight_smile:

  4. Naming convention isnt to important except if you are going to bake in seprate parts. If you do just make something that is consistent for example lo_ hi_. There are no rules in how it is supposed to be called but just keep it consistent :slight_smile:

  5. You could attach everything and export your highpoly as one mesh. The thing with this is if you have baking issues it might be harder to fix then when you have multiple elements. What I normally tend to do is just export it all at once and check if the result is ok or not. If it isnt I go back to max and export the parts where they are wrong seperately.

I hope I answered your questions! If you need any extra help just reply.

(Igor Piwonski) #3

Thank you for reply.

I tried to understand baking by using simple geometry, but i am still getting same results. I must be missing something (propably one tiny tiny checkbox >< )

In attachments you can see what I tried to do:

-I made Low poly cylinder with some extrusions as low poly, named cylinder_low
-Same cylinder but chamfered, with little detail on top is high poly named cylinder_high
-Then i made some UVs for low poly, and exported both models, low to FBX, high to OBJ
-Using default bake settings give me this result, black normal, ID, AO, Thickness maps, also nothing changes in the model.

I'm pretty sure i must be missing something with exporting or preparing models. I had no problem with baking ready geo from tutorials etc. Also, I tried baking some floaters on simple cube, still black normals.

(Mrrik) #4

Turn off average normals and put the distance way higher. See if that works out

(Igor Piwonski) #5

I did so, no change.
When i change "Match" to allways and crank up distances to 0.5 I'm getting Lime colored normal map, which is offcourse wrong, but its not black at least... Still, none off settings, even the wrong ones, seem to spot that detail on top.

(Igor Piwonski) #6

Another try, another failure. 2 boxes, one has another boxed addes as a floater. Same results with any settings


(Igor Piwonski) #7

Here is crossbow project, and meshes I exported for baking. FBX is low, OBJ is high

Crossbow-Medieval.FBX (169.1 KB)
Crossbow.max (9.4 MB)
Crossbow-Medieval.obj (11.6 MB)

(Mrrik) #8

I'm currently not at home. But I will check it when I get home in a few hours.

(Igor Piwonski) #9

Thank you sir.

After many tries, with diffrent meshes, shapes, etc, I'm pretty sure its not substance painter issue but export/modelling.

(Igor Piwonski) #10

Oh god... how stupid.

I allways moved high poly copy away from lp to work on it, didnt think that obj and fbx recognize location of single objects.
Thank you for trying, and sorry for wasting your time with so obvious case.

(Mrrik) #11

haha beginner mistakes :stuck_out_tongue: Glad you found the solution! Looking forward to your upload :smiley: