Baking these kinds of shadowmaps?


(Ndrakey) #1

Does anyone know how to get this Kind of shadowmap baked to a texture ? The effect remind me of UE4. Found out that UE4 doesnt store any Kinds of shadowmaps.

2WW U.F.O .____. WIP by constructidecepticon on Sketchfab

(Simon Kratz) #2

This reminds me a lot of 3D-Coat! I'm pretty sure you could get similar results with the standard settings in 3D-Coat. Mybe the creator used it to bake his map there, too. But you can always ask him directly, maybe he shares his secret :smile:


Looks like @constructidecepticon is using the 3ds Max Exporter's light baking features.

(Constructidecepticon) #4

Sure . There is no secret per se. As James said I used for that piece the 3dmax exporter for sketchfab. I normally use this when I want to post something WIP at modelling stage. The expoter Auto unwrapp your mesh in max, it creates a basic rig of lights with one casting shadows. Then it bakes the lightmap from this and post everything at your sketchfab profile
I use to open the ligthmap in the pbr material then play a bit the settings. Ao metalness... untill I get the desired result: show clearly the shapes in the geo

(Simon Kratz) #5

Thx for sharing! :smile:
I didn't know Max could do such nice results with the default settings from the export script. Guess I gotta do a bit of experimenting with it in the future since it really looks cool! :smiley:

(Constructidecepticon) #6

Well. The exporter is from Sketchfab genius crew. You can download this at

... along with other goodies for maya and such.

Happy bake


(Ndrakey) #7

Downloaded it, but cant seem to authorize as Im logged in with my Facebook account data. The Exporter just asks for Username and Password.


You should be able to create a password, even with a social authenticated account: