Bart's #3December Entries

(Bart) #1

Allright, let’s do this!

(Laurer1990) #2

you are joining as well? :star_struck:

(Bart) #3

Sure thing! But beware of my poor artistic skills :wink:

I’ll be creating some quick sketches in VR using Oculus Quill.

Here’s day one - Winter coat:

(Laurer1990) #4

awesome :slight_smile: … i’m damn curious about those :wink:

(Bart) #5

And day 2, that’s it for today!

(apparently I’m not much of a straight drawer, everything is bent :slight_smile: )

(Tiagojdferreira) #6

Go home Bart, you’re drunk!

Nice job :smile:

(Bart) #7

I AM already home - never have to walk far :wink:

(Laurer1990) #8

:smiley: damn … i have to lough out so hard :smiley:
not because of your art, awesome work but like tiago said, somhow i think the same about the alkohol :smiley:
are you drunk?
No offense :yum:

(Bart) #9

Haha, I’m quite sober :slight_smile: It’s a tricky thing, when you draw a straight line in VR I tend to do it with your arm stretched out, which automatically results in a curved line. Either that, or I’m just a terrible artist!

(Laurer1990) #10

calibration … it’s aaaalways the calibration :relieved::point_up:

(Ever Shroud) #11

I draw in 2D all the time, but I can’t imagine doing it in 3D, it’s quite fascinating! Your basically just drawing in the air when you use VR for this right? (pure guess work as I have no idea how VR works) If so I know I would be drawing crooked too, I mean that has got to be hard to get used too! It’s totally new, not even like sculpting where you chip or mold, you just have to build up from nothing!

Anyway, really cool to see what you can do! I’m excited to see more if your going to be using this for other entries!

(Bart) #12

Yep, exactly!

Here’s a video that I dug up that shows you both the artist and his VR view at the same time, so you can get an idea:

(Ever Shroud) #13

Wow, this is amazing! Defiantly hard to learn though. Thank you for showing me that!

(Machiya) #14

I am doing the whole #3december-2018 sprint in VR (Medium, Quill, and AnimVR).
Good to have people paddling the same boat.

(a) its VERY fast and great fun.
(b) its nothing like anything else!!!
© Goro Fujita (above video) has nailed it.
(d) [unfortunately] animating files in Quill pushes you over the 50MB limit very quickly; unless the animation is minor.

(Machiya) #15

ps. check out Joe Daniels (same stuff, but in AnimVR)

(Bart) #16

Sorry, I felt like trolling today :wink: Here’s my North Pole!

(Nomadking) #17

I groaned out loud when I saw this… I hope for Fruitcake now you’ll do a self-portrait :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

(Bart) #18

Oh DAMN! I had that coming, didn’t I? :slight_smile:

(Laurer1990) #19