Basic Blender tutorials wanted

Hi, I work in an art gallery as a photographer and am very new to photogrammetry. I have created some models of cultural heritage objects using Agisoft Metashape which have turned out ok but could do with some editing in Blender to get rid of some artefacts and small areas that haven’t resolved very well.
Can anyone recommend some REALLY basic Blender tutorials specifically for this?
All of the tutorials I’ve come across are more for animation, visual effects etc, or else they presume a certain amount of knowledge that I definitely don’t have.
Bonus points if it’s for Blender 2.82.

Hey, I also just started out with Blender in version 2.82 and found some really good tutorials on youtube.
Especially the ones by Grant Abbit ->
or by Andrew Price (BlenderGuru) ->
They both have beginner tutorials on Blender 2.82. I don’t know if they are specific enough for your case but they will teach you the fundamentals of the program and get you familiar with the interface and the basic concepts. I think from there on you will be able to edit your models :slight_smile:
Hope this helps.
Good luck and happy blending :wink: