Basic search now includes store (paid) models everywhere

I’m not sure if this is a bug or intentional but I’m thinking the former because a team member replied that all downloadable models are supposed to be free (How to search just for FREE + Downloadable models?).

When you search Sketchfab for models and click downloadable, it now includes paid models scattered everywhere as well. It wasn’t like this as recently as a few days ago.


It’s an intentional change that “downloadable” includes both free and paid content, but we need to improve the filters to allow searching for only free items, or specific licenses.


Thank you for the clarification. Any estimate as to when the filter for only free models will deploy?

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I don’t have an estimate, sorry. However, you can see visually which are free and which are paid in the results:

I understand. The difficulty for me is that it slows down browsing a lot. I actively have to look at both the image and then the icon and be repeatedly disappointed when what I was about to click on is not free. I understand though that sketchfab needs to make money and this is a way to encourage people to buy things, at a cost of making free things more difficult to find.

Yep, we know the user experience is not ideal. We’ll be working on it.