Batch file - Multiple file upload and Preset in 3D settings

(Aminimal) #1

Is there a way to upload a series of 3D models that in a batch and apply a preset to the 3D settings?

I would like to upload 50 models, apply the same settings, and add to a category.
Doing this by hand would take a very long time.

Any hints?



You could do this with the Data API:

(Aminimal) #3

Guess I have to brush up on some skills...
Anyone, by chance, have an insight on the code:
1 - Get files from directory and upload
2 - Batch edit 3D setting
3 - add category "Artforms"
4 - Allow download
5 - Publish


Uploading, category, allow download, and publishing can all be done during the same Upload request:!/models/post_v3_models

3D Settings depends on the settings. What are you trying to edit?