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Batch modifications on all models?


(Gilles38) #1

Is there a possibility to perform batch modifications on all models i have, say for instance going from 'Classic' to 'PBR' rendering or changing background image.
Thank you for your help

(Nebulousflynn) #2

I'd be grateful for something like this too - but in my case it would be things like toggling downloadable, license settings, editing model description (without being on model page and reloading each time I save). Maybe not all models at once but some check-box style thing on the Uploads page would be useful. Like batch editing posts in wordpress!

I'd imagine everyone has different needs for something like this...


V3 of the API (coming soon) will make things like this much easier.

It's possible with V2, but it's undocumented and a bit unstable.

(Gilles38) #4

Hi James, is it possible with V3 to change the background image in embedded models ? I didn't find it actually in the API docs. Sorry if I missed something....



You can't change the background image "on the fly" in an embed (i.e. the Viewer API), but you can change it permanently with the Data API:!/models/patch_v3_models_uid_options