Battle Frog - Body

(Ttoni) #1

Battle frog by ttoni on Sketchfab

this is my first body model !!!

As you see?

(theStoff) #2

Jumping in to something new eh? Off to a good start. I like the detail work you did on the back but I think the underlying form is still pretty muddy especially the arm. It's also a little odd that there are big scratches on the shoulder but nowhere else. Keep at it! :smile:

(Paulchambers3d) #3

Off to a great start! Excited to see that you're diving into your first body model. Watch that topology though. Two pieces of advice:

  1. Keep your topology grid consistent across all parts of the body. Right now you have a lot of resolution on the body and legs and feet but less on the arms.

  2. You've actually got a lot more topology on the body than you need, which can make modeling / rigging harder further down the line. Just a little more detail than what you have on the arm will be plenty for the body!

Keep up the great work! Looking forward to seeing more!