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About this service

Since 2014, Be4Post provides high performance mobile stations designed for dailies prep, live color grading, data management and/or DIT servicing (Cinema, TV Series, Advertising). Since November 2017, Be4Post provides 3D Scan servicing. Based on LIDAR and photogrammetry technologies, we deliver large environments, small objects or full sets to Post-Productions Studios, VR/AR Companies, architects and more.

Our services:

Service description

  • Specialisation: 3D Scan for VFX (including VR/AR), CG Animation, Video Games productions and more…
  • Equipment/software: LiDAR Scanner / Digital Camera
  • Location: 39 rue Maurice Gunsbourg 94200 Ivry-sur-Seine - FRANCE
  • Ability to travel: Be4Post is able to travel all around the world to help you to reach your goals.
  • Resolution: Depends on your projects. We concentrate our work to get the richest point cloud as possible. We can also export a mesh with millions of polygons.
  • Guaranteed accuracy: Depends on projects, but our margin of error is about millimeters for the small areas and centimeters for the largest.
  • Max / min scannable sizes: From 1 centimeter to large places (streets, buildings, lands, etc.).
  • Textures: 16K Textures.
  • Deliverable file formats: More than 10, mesh or point cloud.
  • Additional services: Scan cleaning and dialog with the VFX Post-Production Studio (Data Capture).
  • Costs: Feel free to contact us to tell more about your project.

Service-specific information

  • Aerial vector: Aerial photogrammetry by drone.
  • Georeferenced: Yes
  • Viewing software provided: Sketchfab
  • Measurement tool: Faro’s Webshare Cloud