Bear Cyborg GODZILLA

(Dark Minaz) #1

After asking myself the question
"what is cooler than a bear"
i had 2 answers, a bear with 2 chainsaws and a cyborg bear.
So i started with this little project.

It's a Bear lol :smiley:

So bears need a mecha spine, because .. reasons! (i updated it since then, but that was the point i had the idea)

So What does a bear need?

at this stage i was wondering if i wanted to give it a blaster like megaman / cyborg (dc)

based on a vote between me and me (since facebook is super bad at deciding things for you..) i removed the idea since i thought claws look better.

Bears need cool mecha Godzilla style legs!

Now working on his tail and some details :slight_smile:

(Nomadking) #2

It's a... Cy-bear-g :smiley:

(Dark Minaz) #3

that pun is so un-bear-able is have to pun-ish you xD

(Dark Minaz) #4

Front + back + side, made some updates here and there :slight_smile: added a tail, worked on the spine

started with some details and some minor fixes on the topo (that you won't see^^)

(Dark Minaz) #5

final modeling step :slight_smile: now with 50% more spikes and 10k more poly :smiley:

(Dark Minaz) #6

and done :smiley: