Beauty and the Beast - Ballroom


(Kylievdp) #1

Hi all,

Joining a bit late but I hope I can still manage to get it done on time!
I had so many ideas but finally settled on the ballroom scene of Beauty and the Beast. I think it would be nice to experience in VR and it's a very bright scene. (Also perhaps still managable to complete by the deadline)

Here's the scene if anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about.

I'll be making updates as much as I can, but I'll be away on holidays for 2 weeks during this time, with limited access to the necessary technology :stuck_out_tongue:
So there will possibly be some downtime followed by me scrambling to make progress and posts :smiley:

Good luck to all!

(Kylievdp) #2

Trying to get a feel for the scope of the scene. It's quite a big area. Using some specific camera angles as reference. The blue and yellow boxes are height references for Belle and Beast, althoug I probably won't make them but it's good reference towards the grandeur of the ballroom.

(Kylievdp) #3

Adding more detail to pillars and adding the upper floor. I'm reusing the lion head I made from another study I was doing so it's already textured, though the texture will be updated later to match better in the scene.

(Kylievdp) #4

Update, there is now a ceiling! And walls. No windows yet though. I'm thinking about adding them in texture with alpha.
There's a few holes here and there, but they'll be welded later. For now everything is instanced for easier UV/tex.

I am now also realizing there is actually a lot of detail. Also looking forward to tackling that ceiling painting.


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This already looks beautiful, love the detailing on the pillars.

(Kylievdp) #6

I have continued working on this scene, but from my current location it's harder to post frequent updates. finished the chandelier model (will post soon)

Meanwhile Angela Lansbury sang this iconic song again (live!) in celebration of 25 years of Beauty and the Beast.
I honestly also can't wait for the live action remake with Emma Watson.

Anyway updates coming soon I promise!

(Kylievdp) #7

Okay finally an update. I got home from holidays and took ill on the flight back so things have been going slow unfortunately. What I've done so far:

Made the big chandelier, though I'm not quite content with it yet. I think it will come together when added to the scene

Added the drapes to the scene

Finished up the floor (flat colours, it'll look better when reflection is added in final scene)

And started painting the ceiling. Those cherubs will be the death of me, but they are such a necessary feature to the scene.

I originally wanted to animate the ceiling painting but I'm seriously running out of time and I'm even worried I won't make it. Have to scrap a few other elements as well as I'm leaving the country again before submission date and will essentially need to submit on the 10th. Even if I don't make it, I'm committed to this scene now. It will at least make a good portfolio piece I hope. :worried:

(Kylievdp) #8

Pillars, walls, windows... almost there. Will need to upload tonight, 'cause I'll be on a plane first thing tomorrow. Hope I can make it. :worried:

(Kylievdp) #9

Final entry:

This was good practice for me as I don't have any experience in modular modeling.
I wish this contest had come at a different time so I could add more stuff :stuck_out_tongue:
I wanted to add Lumiere and Cogsworth, Mrs Potts and Chip and animate the ceiling. But since the scene is already pretty big, I guess it's alright :slight_smile:

Be sure to look up!

And good luck to all the other contestants, the finish line is in sight.

(Antoine Bassin) #10

Cool, we are immersed in the movie :slight_smile:
Despite windows and the ceiling look a bit flat, we have a feeling of space!
If think your scene will be more lively if you add more depth, with alpha on windows and a sky for the background, than if you will add characters or animations :wink:
Anyway, good job.

(Kylievdp) #11

@antoinebassin does the ceiling look flat because of improper lighting? Because it is actually curved. I might still be able to fix that. Also I'm not quite sure what you mean about the windows. There should be alpha on them and if you look outside their is a starry skybox and the image of a terrace at night. Perhaps I need to make the stars texture larger so it is easier to see in VR?

(Antoine Bassin) #12

@kylievdp Oh sorry, I had been mistaken, you already use alpha on windows but I didn't notice it in VR. I don't know if you have VR stuff, if not, the first person view give a good overview. Maybe the parallax effect is too weak for VR :worried: so yes, a larger sky should be better :slight_smile:

We see the ceiling is curved. It just seems flat when we look at its center cause every tile has the same value. I don't really know what you can do to tweak that while keeping your drawing look.

(Kylievdp) #13

@antoinebassin that makes sense. I don't have VR equipment so I only tested it briefly on my phone, which was weird if you don't have the cardboard thingie. I'll see what I can do to fix those issues, but it'll have to wait until I have access to my PC again :slight_smile: thanks for the feedback!