Become a seller

Hey guys,
Sketchfab rejected me to become a seller because of these problem : Clean topology, UVs, optimized materials and /or good thumbnails e titles.
I want to sell my stuff as 3d print files, But i dont know whats the exact issue.
Anyone could help me out to analyze my work would be great. Thanks.

Hey, nice models.

What you could do to improve is retopo your mesh or do auto retopo, but it will probably be a bit off.
As an example you could do something like this.

I don’t know which software you are using so here is Blender retopology video.

I can’t check the UVs, so here is other tutorial on unwrapping in blender.

Adding material names, using textures would add some point to your model as well.
I hope it helps in any way.
If you have any questions, let me know.


Im using zbrush but if i make uvs and map i need to export high map to retopology of my model, its not difficult but these things are for 3dprint so uvs and retopology are not important because its not cg. And i saw some people are like me but they’re selling their stuff. Do you agree with me?
And thank you for your response :raised_hands:

I do agree with you about uvs and maps. These are worthless in 3D print, but I am not the one who is making decisions on it and I don’t know what was the exact reason for rejection.
However since Sketchfab has Seller Guidelines and I am sure you have already read about Selling your 3D models I would recommend doing an auto quad retopo in Zbrush so it looks nicer and some nice unwraps.

Have you mention that you will be aiming for 3D printing during application?
By the way, I am sure that having more models on Sketchfab portfolio would increase your chances as well.
I personally had around 10 models before I had applied for seller on Sketchfab and I gave a link to my Unity store as well.

I will do some uvs and retopology
and i agree with you, i will upload more stuff on sketchfab, may it works!

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Good luck! :slight_smile:


Again the same problems: Clean topology, UVs, optimized materials and / or good thumbnails e titles
i tried to fix them but i don’t see any problems.
would someone tell me what is the problem with my 3d printing models to fix them? im confused