Best normal map tangent for sketchfab?

(Polish Farmer) #1

I have a question. What is the best normal T- space for models in sketchfab? Because I make normal from bent normal using Hand Plane and I was wondering what settings are the best - or maybe I`ll ask in different way - what poular engine is the closest to Sketchfab player in terms of showing normal map?

Thanks and cheers:)

(Tuan Kuranes) #2

Sketchfab normal maps are applied in tangent space, without any special effects, like nearly all real-time engine (as it's the most efficient/flexible)

Other normal maps are for very special effects, that might work on sketchfab, but without any specific tweak engine side.

Bent normal is often used for precomputed occlusion/lighting
Smoothed normal for Cell-shading / toon effect,

Object space normal map?
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Thank You for answer!