Best Quixel calibration profile for Sketchfab?

(Simon Kratz) #1

Hi all,
do you know Quixel Suite? It's a great toolkit for photoshop and pbr texturing. It uses some kind of calibration profiles for various engines (like Unity and Unreal) as well as for other standards (like Disney GGX or Marmoset Toolbag).
As far as I know these profiles are for proper handling of things that are different between all these softwares (like normal map Y axis, tangent space, handling of gamma corrected vs. linear values) as well as deciding the types of maps that are exported.
So I wondered which profile would be best suited for exporting to Sketchfab.
Could anyone help me with that?
Or maybe we (the community) can do some research of which profile is best suited smile

Thanks in advance

(Simon Kratz) #2

Just found this nice information about calibration profiles in the official Quixel documentation:
Sadly I don't have enough programming knowledge to unterstand everything there but maybe someone could develop a calibration profile based on how sketchfab does pbr?

(Yogensia) #3

@essimoon Did you get any solution to this? I'm using Substance Painter a lot recently, and it exports only as GGX as far as I know, which doesn't look very accurate in Sketchfab. I'm not really sure what kind of calibration is best for Skfab or how to get it to play nice with my Substance Painter textures. :confused:

(Dark Minaz) #4

substance painter got a "export to sketchfab" that works almost perfect^^

(Simon Kratz) #5

Yes the exporter should do the job for you :smile:
For Quixel I found that Disney PBR works pretty well for Sketchfab.
But there's a chance that a dedicated Sketchfab calibration profile will be added to Quixel in the future.

(Djtobi93) #6

Are there any news about a Sketchfab exporter for Quixel Suite 2.0?
I used Substance Painter before but I prefer the textures in Quixel.
Idk if there is a different at the end when I upload from Substance Painter (easier)
or manually.

Anyway, which export target is actually the best option for Sketchfab and which one is
the best for Substance Painter 2?

Best Regards,
Tobi :slight_smile: