Best tutorials for modeling out there?

(Thechosenone) #1

ive always wanted to start modeling so ive been told to start with silo 2.A simple modeling software,but i realised it quickly that the software is quite "primitive" and old,so it decides to crash from time to time and do weird stuff.

So i wanted to move on to a more regular of a software where i can continue my modeling.Ive done some box modeling in silo and know how to do it and whats it about but i need to move on to more advanced softwares so i found out maya and blender and decided to hop over to that.

Im not interested in learning rigging,or just interesting in learning box modeling,hard surface modeling and a bit of texturing stuff like that,that will allow me to make stuff like i see here,a cool finished 3D model that is nice to look at.
(im also practicing drawing and using adobe photoshop and illustrator on a basic level so i can texture)

The big issue here is that there are a lot,a LOT of tutorials out there that are like "now you do this,now you do that and you got a cup!" these step by step tutorials is not what i need where they model something specifically.
And also im a bit short on time so i cant go out and look at all the tutorials and remember the best ones so i need to spend my time the best i can.

I need tutorials where i get guided throught the tools used in making that object the teacher/tutor is making so i learn it for myself,the object isnt really important as long as i get to learn how to use the tools.
Now i dont mind if the learning experience is a ebook or a series of videos i just want to get the most of what i can.
Here is what im talking about this seams like a fine tutorial.
And i hope that there are some tutorials out there that are free and bring a good learning experience,if not than tell me what are the best for the money.

I hope i didnt bore you with my post and im probably being dumb for not researching more on this and posting this here where it doesnt really belong but i thought that here i could find the most people that are in the stuff i am into and would help me the best way.
Thanks in advance.