Best workflow for Arch Viz


(Candarcollc) #1

Hello, I have the need to establish a quality workflow for my Drafting Firm. We are involved in modeling existing structures, and then helping clients to visualize changes, then produce the construction documents.

We are in dire need of advice here. First, I need to find a way to turn the model of existing ground we produce using a drone and Agisoft into a surface that is usable to define the ground in AutoCAD Architecture. We are using blender quite a bit, Civil 3d, and ACA.

We also need to know if it is possible to take a full model from AutoCAD Architecture and put it, in completion, into Sketchfab. When I uploaded one of our files in .DXF, it came in as all 2d.

Thanks for any advice.

(Bob Danforth) #2

I started out in Autocad 3d even before they had a real 3d engine, and now work mostly in Blender. I was quite dismayed at first when they killed the 3ds export,and even more when they did as you described with the dxf export, arriving only in 2d. However with some searching I discovered a 2007 export setting, that would export 3d objects as actual 3d in the older version I am still using.

Autodesk is not alone in building a fence around work done in their software to make it difficult to use competing software, or even non-MS platforms, but as I was using it extensively that is what I bumped into most. There is other software emulating older versions of Autocad, and they have a wider set of export options, but of course the model has to be saved in that older Autocad Version.

(Candarcollc) #3

Bob, thank you for the reply. I received a reply from a Sketchfab Rep, and was advised to make use of the export to FBX option. The first several times it did not work, and only did after I exploded the drawing once, then used the FXBEXPORT command. My issue now is that the materials do not show. If I must redo the materials, could I do so in blender, and then upload to sketchfab without losing the materials. I just tried a test upload using a .blend file we just made. It did not display materials correctly.

Thanks again for your response

(Dark Minaz) #4

what do you mean by it did not display them correctly?
did you not get multiple materials in the material section of the 3d settings?

Or did it not connect the textures to the mats correctly? what exactly is happening?

If it's the first, did you connect the materials to your objects
if it's the 2nd, maybe your textures don't have the right name to be auto connected, so check the 3d settings and connect them by hand if needed.