Betrayal of the gnomes - a tinkers lab of horrors

(Diluted Ego) #1

First a little back story. For years High Tinker Mekkatorque has hidden the fact that he has been slowly going mad. Ever since he was betrayed at Gnomeregan he has been ill. The effects of Thermapluggs weapon slowly chipping away at his health, at his sanity.

Sargeras decided to use this growing weakness to his own advantage sending one of his agents disguised as a gnomish inventor with an ingenious break through. The engineer claimed to have discovered how to reverse the curse of flesh by transferring consciousness into a robotic construct very much like Mimirons own body. Mekkatorque saw this as his way to heal his battered body and all too quickly in a bid to save himself he commanded that he be the first to undergo the procedure.

What Mekkatorque didn't realize was that he just handed himself over to Sargeras' control. In his new lab an enslaved Mekkatorque now works to convert more gnomes over to the burning legions cause. Not all gnomes can see through the deception and too many are all to ready to give up their fleshy bodies in the hopes of immortality. Too late do they realize their folly.

I will post a block in within the next couple of days most of the time for this will me struggling to do the hand painted style of texturing that wow incorporates. I'm still just learning how to texture so I saw this as a great way to try and push myself to work and iterate on this style of texturing. Even if I can't finish I'm looking forward to trying my best :smiley:

(Michael Calvert) #2

Looking forward to the sketches.

(Diluted Ego) #3

Did a quick rough first pass block in for my entry since I hadn't done annotations in sketchfab yet I tossed a few in just to see how they worked. Few rough colors put in just to give me an idea of how to texture things and to break up the scene a bit.

More large shapes need to be figured out and then I can move on to modelling more props to fill in the scene before I start the texturing process.

@rawrsoft Sorry my sketching is rough at best decided not to assault anyones eyes with my rough ideas :smile:

(Diluted Ego) #4

Did another pass at my model today adding in some final large shapes and began populating the scene with some smaller props. Going to break away from the modeling phase and start my UV unwrapping and figure out my rough textures.

Going to try and keep in the spirit of the warcraft game models and keep things super low poly and use my diffuse textures to define details. It is very tempting to just use high poly sculpts and normal maps to get the detailing but it's not what they do in the actual game, at least from all the screenshots I got from in game to use as reference.


Awesome, you got a WIP on Sketchfab already! Would love to see more soon!

(Diluted Ego) #6

Haven't posted an update in a few days so here we go. Began the texturing process... lol Glad I still have a couple weeks to iterate on it since I've never done any major hand painting prior to this. I would guess It's roughly 25% done so lots more to do but at least its started :wink: Also note to self, don't hand paint every diamond in a diamond pattern just copy and paste that sucker :laughing:

(Chaitanyak) #7

this is clearly going to be a treat!
yup needs a bunch of hand painting.. am wrestling with that bit myself :slight_smile:

(Diluted Ego) #8

Ya I figured a little trial by fire was a great way to work on my hand painting. I can feel a little improvement in my gesturing at least but I knew it would be fun and challenging even if I mucked it up lol.

(Diluted Ego) #9

Another small update today did a bit more painting and before I got too far in I decided to toss my diffuse textures into sketchfab so I could get a look at how things were shaping up. Always more fun to pan around and look at things then a flat render anyway :wink:

(Diluted Ego) #10

Same WIP model from before but I updated the textures again. Figured I would just replace the original textures so I wouldn't have 50 WIP models in my sketchfab before the end of the contest :smile:

(Diluted Ego) #11

Here's the latest model, completely changed the floor tile again since I wasn't all that happy with the last one. Added some more subtle details to some of the pieces and light scratches and damages over a few of the pieces keeping everything super subtle. Added the annotations again because I wanted to go over my story and how the pieces lined up with it. Couple of pieces left to do major detailing in before I move on to more minor passes.

Since there is still loads of time left I'm going to start a character model as well for mekkatorque did a quick base model this morning in blender before working on some of the painting. I think to save my self some aggravation I'll probably sculpt Mekkatorque so I can have some maps to work with when texturing. I liked the process of trying to paint in the details but when you have such a short time frame you don't get a lot of time to play with shapes to see what details work :smile:

(Diluted Ego) #12

Went in and did the last of the major details and touched on the last small props that hadn't been done yet. Also did another very light damages sort of pass keeping things subtle. For now I'm going to stop passes on the dioramas diffuse textures as I feel I've got a great deal accomplished. Besides the emission maps I managed to stick to my guns on keeping things in the same sort of style as wow and only have diffuse maps. Used hand painting only to decide on details along with the shadowing and highlights. Not sure if I made the right decision but I managed to pare everything down to a handful of 1k texture maps.

Obviously everything is subject to change minor and major but I'm in a good spot to ask for some critiques if anyone has any to offer.

(Bart) #13

Hi, how's your entry coming along? We've just posted a quick update on the main contest thread - please check it out.

(Diluted Ego) #14

Entry seems to be going okay :slight_smile: Taking a couple days off before trying get a character sculpted quickly.

(Diluted Ego) #15

Did a quick rough sculpt today. Forgive the muddiness of the lines and overall polish I can't seem to get reliable results out of blender yet but I can fix most of that in retopo at least.

(Diluted Ego) #16

After a quick retopology all the lines will need to be sharpened again since I just finished and added a sub surf to see how it came along. Sadly even after this i'll have to retopo him yet again so i'll have a lower poly version of him that just captures his general form. I'm only using the higher poly and sculpted details so I can bake out maps to help the texturing process.

Would be nice to just be lazy and keep the heavy geometry but it wouldn't be in the spirit of the game he would have to fit in. Besides even in this rough form its more polygons then my entire diorama has :laughing:

(Diluted Ego) #17

Progress update on my mekkatorque character. Still need to add some light damages but as he's newly made I dont want to over do it. :wink: Came in under 3k Polys I might have been able to shave it some more but it should be fine for a character to have a bit of extra geometry.

(Diluted Ego) #18

And now a king sits upon his throne.

Added some electrical effects to the Doodads lol.

(Diluted Ego) #19

Working on the last big piece for my diorama a gnome to stick in the tanks, I will actually probably do a second gnome as well since they are going in a tank behind green fel fluid not much sense adding too much detail. Only needs minimal painting as well so should be fine before I do a final pass on my diorama over the next 5 days for my final submission.

(Diluted Ego) #20

Knocked out the painting quickly today so I can start on my second gnome for the tanks. Going to make a female version for added variety. Kept everything subtle since a lot of it will be obscured by green fel fluid.