Better on Android?

(Bigxixi) #1

Problem solved!
Thanks sketchfab stuff!

I am a new user of sketchfab, everything here is amazing especially on desktop, but when I use my mobile devices, I was a bit confused.
When I browse some "heavy" models, like this one

On my iPhone 6s Plus, it said "model is too heart for your device and will not render properly".No surprised because it is too heavy.
But when I open the same one on my Nexus 5 it works!
I don't think the GPU of N5 is better then iPhone 6s Plus, or is the engine performs better on Android ?

(Mauricesvay) #2

Right now, iOS has a limit of 34 bones per geometry. When your model exceeds this limit, the viewer will only show the bones. We are working to lift up this limitation.

(Mauricesvay) #3

This should work better on iOS now. Let us know if it's not the case.

(Bigxixi) #4

Yes! It works!
Thank you for your great job!