Better Solution For Temporal DOF

(Cryunreal) #1

Guys, your solution of DOF with Jitter is not very well, because it is a fake screen space effect. I recommend you to use DOF the same as in the render room of 3D-Coat. Idea is very simple. You need lot of frames for accumulation (and for AntiAliasing too, 32 samples are not anough for bright pixels) and move a position of camera arround a point of focus. 3D-Coat has not bokeh effect, but you can made it very easy with this technic!)

The result will be much more better!

(Stephomi) #2

When the camera is moving we don't jitter anything, so we currently don't have true temporal reprojection technique for now, only static-camera accumulation.
However when it stabilizes we jitter:
- the camera a little bit (mostly for geometry/texture AA )
- screen space a little bit (mostly for AA screen effect)
- the camera-light (shadowmap) too for better shadows
- the 16 sample fetch for the dof (so that it gets less noisy)

We also do the dof in half res (mobile...).
You can add dof_res=1 at the end of a skfb url to do the dof in full res.

I'm not sure I understand what you meant by "move a position of camera arround a point of focus".
But if you are referring to average several frames to compute the "blur", then it wouldn't work in real-time or with animated models.

Hopefully, we'll implement temporal-reprojection / motion-blur somedays, to make the result less noisy.