Beware of

I am not sure where to post this, but i guess here is as good as any place. Moderators feel free to move it if it is required.

I have just recently been made aware of this. Apparently copy’s work from authors here on Sketchfab, and post it on their own website. Complete with a carbon copy description, and model summery that the model author wrote on Sketchfab. What is disturbing is that website makes your models available for download. Whether you want them to be, or not. I am pretty sure that most of the works I seen copied from Sketchfab the model authors are not even aware that it is even there. I already sent a DCMA Takedown notice to them to remove my works.

It would be advisable for all of the artists here on Sketchfab to take a look at that website to see if your Sketchfab work has been posted there without your knowledge, or permission, and take appropriate action if it was.

Update: The website removed all of my work after I requested them to do so.