Big assembly lag

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I just made big assembly with many surfaces, materials and parts in SolidWorks. When i import it on SketchFab via sketchfab addon, it's little delay in frames (like low frame per second). What i can do to simply remove that delay?
Is there any chance to lover quality of my assembly and to get it work fine?
My PC is MAC late 2012 with 32gb ram and i7 processor. I think i can't have problems with lag, it's fine working in SW.
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Could you send us a link? I don't see anything "big" in your recent uploads.


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I deleted it. There it is again:

Test by drag1c on Sketchfab


It's due to the number of separate geometries/materials in the scene - there are 1952 separate meshes and 976 separate materials. Does SolidWorks have some function to merge/join parts together?

Here's a version I created in Rhino by merging all the meshes together for each material. There are now just 7 materials and 26 geometries (there are more meshes than materials because the maximum number of vertices in a mesh is 64k.)

Rhino VRML → OBJ by James on Sketchfab

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I dont know for merge/join parts in sw.. i will explore.

Thanks for help :smile:


Great. I would LOVE to know how to do it if you figure it out. It would help a lot of other users.