Big Boy UP Locomotive


(Superplay) #1


I'm looking for a BigBoy locomotive's 3D Model. I've found one on this page (exactly .../models/4ebca67aa5c14ccca8ddc1c58bf7f5a2) but I can't download and I don't know how to contact with the artist.
So I'm looking for another model free or with a reasonable prize (I mean about 20$ not so much more) and if it is in .stl or .obj in could be great (avoiding use 3dmax software to convert or similar).

It'll be to use in Rhinoceros to modificate it and print it.

Can you help me? Thank you so much!

(Bart) #2

I'd start by leaving a comment on the model and asking :slight_smile:

(Superplay) #3

You're right! I didn't do that because it looks like his last connection was a long time ago.

Thank you.

(Bart) #4

He will receive an email notification of your comment, so even if he doesn't sign it he'll see it.