Big difference between scan before and after upload


(Kirkbear) #1


I’ve been using Sketchfab for a long time and love it. I’ve never had to post anything here as
it’s always been painless! I’m exporting/uploading directly from Agisoft Photoscan but the
scans are very dark compared to the model displaying in Photoscan. I’ve not had this be an
issue before. I’m adding a side-by-side shot to show how different it looks. I’ve tried different
lighting options too. Any idea why this seems to have started? Using shadeless lighting I’ve
always had a very good match between the export and and the upload.




It looks like there were vertex colors in this model for some reason. I just turned them off:

(Kirkbear) #3

Oh gosh! Missed that one, Thanks so much James, that’s a big help!

All the best.