Bigger subjects - Underwater Shipwrecks


(Simonbrown) #1

I recently returned from a very productive trip, diving the wrecks of the Shetland Islands here in the UK. A few highlights were these:-

Firstly, the Fraoch Ban, a small fishing boat in 30m:-

Then the submarine HMS E49 complete with diver laying alongside the wreck for scale:-

And finally, the largest underwater subject I have covered to date; the SS Gwladmena, At 70m long and 10m wide this wreck took two dives, over two and a half hours in the water and 2000 frames to build:-

This last wreck is about the limit of what can be achieved at a depth of 38m....but I am working on a plan to improve scanning efficiency...full report in November on how that turns out.

The models have derived some rather nice 2D orthophotos too:-

(Antoine Bassin) #2

Despite the lack of details due to the depth, your models depict beautiful and impressive atmospheres,they tell us misterious stories.

(Simonbrown) #3

Thank you Antoine - glad you like them.

The models are deliberately reduced in detail, not because of depth of water, but because at high detail they become too slow and unusable on the web.

So I deliberately decimate the faces to a more manageable number.