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(Derickpabalan) #1

Bioweapon (Bioshock Fanart) by derickpabalan on Sketchfab

Hey, guys! I made a model of a scrapped weapon concept by Mauricio Tejerina ( from Bioshock, it was a fun model to work with since it helped me learn the concept of PBR and proper material definition, my sketchfab upload got the glass/liquid material a bit messed up since I can't simulate it somehow like I did in Unreal. It would be great if you guys can help me improve as a weapon artist by giving me criticisms to improve my work. Thanks!

You can also the original artstation post here:

(theStoff) #2

Looks cool! Always fun to bring discarded concepts to life :smile:. I am thinking thought that the top front part of the weapon is too big compared to the concept though. It would also be cool to add that cloth to the grip.

(Dark Minaz) #3

somehow the texture is blinking, not sure if that is a viewer thing or something went wrong with the upload
I quite like the 2 bubble tanks, but i think the front bit could be a bit less big.
Would have been extra cool if you used the cans for most things, so it would feel more like something that has been created somehow on the go. But i assume you wanted to stay near the concept.

(Derickpabalan) #4

Thanks! I originally had the cloth in the grip but I decided to remove it since it I'm planning to rig this weapon to be used by a character that I am making. Also, thanks for pointing out the proportion of the weapon, never realized that until now. :joy: thank you for taking the time to look at my work! :blush:

(Derickpabalan) #5

I think that is a viewer thing, I asked for support here in the forum and the sketchfab team said that they're looking into it. The weapon fires out flames, acid and different types of usual bioshock stuff so I thought of sticking to the metals I assigned which can't be melted in the process, unlike cans which are quick to melt when exposed to heat or acid. Thank you for the suggestions and crits! :blush: