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Birth of the fel drake

(JC) #1

Idea is showing the moment, when fel drake was corrupted, subdued and tamed.

Whole scene will be on shattered ground, with demonic circles in the middle and agonized drake in chains. Chains will be attached to some demonic pedestals inside outside circles. Did not decided yet, who will be the second character, who subduing the dragon, probably, probably demon hunter

Fel drake in WIP, without rig

(Michael Calvert) #2

It would be nice to see a sketch of the environment, great work on the fel drake.

(JC) #3

Some first scenery results


(Bart) #4

Hi, how's your entry coming along? We've just posted a quick update on the main contest thread - please check it out.

(JC) #5

I decided to change platform a little bit:

And there is some additional wip. I'm trying to keep it lowpoly


Wow, this really took off! Good luck, can't wait to see more!

(JC) #7

(JC) #8

Full HIK rig, maya nCloth, shape finished in zbrush

(JC) #9

(JC) #10

(JC) #11

All runes was taken from quite small images around google, like game screenshots etc. Modelled to 3D, rescaled, Zgrabbed alpha, then applied to texture.

(Zachary Hixson) #13

Hey! If it's not too late, I just noticed something about your Illidan's pose.

Illidan tends to do all of his hand motions with both of his palms facing up.

I think that doing that to your Illidan's summoning will give him a far more powerful presence. Just a suggestion. Looking great, though!

(JC) #14

Character was not meant to be Illidan himself, but some random Illidari. Have less muscle, different face.. I hit the pose from picture unintended :slight_smile:
But very good point followed by question.. Should all Illidari use same hand gestures for spelling?
As i remember, Gul'dan in movie points his hands, when spelling, toward his victims.

(JC) #15

I dont get it.. Export (directly) from substance painter and import to sketchfab ends with two different shading.

Wings has own texture, body has own texture. Materials are quite same, but in sketchfab, body is darker. Does anyone know, where could be problem?


Substance painter:

(Diluted Ego) #16

Are you using the same hdr that you used in substance painter?

Also sometimes substance painter lags when your uploading and doesn't always properly add all the textures you might have to go into the 3d settings and adjust them manually.

(JC) #17

I tried few hdr's with same result, tried to messing with settings, tried to apply metalic from wings to body without change.. Second upload have same issue. But if i reduce wings color, it matches body color.

(JC) #18

I tried now to re-upload model from *.zip file and nothing changes :unamused:

(JC) #19

Okay fixed.. Dunno why, but I had vertex color on :slight_smile:

(JC) #20

Final scene. It was a hell.. I'm not a pro, i have low budget pc, not workstation, maya incompatible card.. Lost bunch of nerves during process :slight_smile: But at the end, i'm quite proud of myself.