Black borders in Metashape

Hi everyone,

I’m using Metashape to create a model of a fossil track way cast. I’ve only shot the top of the cast, so in a sense, it’s a 2D object with relief like a wall carving or mural. When generating either a dense point cloud or mesh, I end up with black borders around my outputs. Even after I’ve removed the black border from around the dense point cloud prior to meshing, I still end up with a black border.

I’ve tried masking my photos twice, first using the built-in tools in Metashape, and then using Affinity Photo. I get the same results either way. I’m not sure if this would make a difference anyway.

In the case of the mesh, disabling interpolation does prevent the border, but leaves holes in my mesh. I probably could then fill in the holes, but considering I plan on taking measurements from these models, I’m hesitant to do much post-processing.

I’m certainly far from proficient in the photogrammetry workflow. Is this something that’s unavoidable and I just have to manually remove the border, or is there something else I can do to avoid this all together?


dense point cloud


Hi Eric - are you able to share an image or two of the fossil track cast in situ? To see what the background is.

You may find it useful to use the ‘select points by color’ tool to select the black border > manually de-select the black points you do want to keep with the freeform select tool > then delete.

@chameroy Welcome to the community! It’s odd that Metashape created the black border if it wasn’t visible on the source photos. Are you sure that when you create the mesh that you are using the dense point cloud as the source data, and not the default depth maps?

Alternatively, perhaps just use the selection tools to trim your mesh?

Let us know how you get on. It would be great to see the results here on Sketchfab.