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Black gradients on untextured mesh after import

(Davidnibi) #1

I’m getting these black shapes on my mesh after importing into Sketchfab

They were modelled in Max - I remember a while ago I used radiosity to bake in AO through max, but I haven’t done that this time. Vertex colour is all equal to white. I can’t find any setting to just have flat white.

(BTW the model has a couple of alpha maps on seperate meshes - those black circles :slight_smile: )


Can you share a link to this model? I don’t see it on your account.

My first guess would be some rogue Vertex Colors, due to groupings or something in 3ds Max which you can disable in 3D Settings. I don’t really know what causes it, but I often see unexpected black vertex colors coming from some 3ds Max and Maya models.