Black line thingy


(Gabang) #1

Hi ,for some reason this black stuff appears when i export the model even though it looks fine in Maya,does anyone have a similar problem?

(Paul Sketch) #2

Could it be possible that normals are not in the right direction ?
( looks like Material view problem )

(Gabang) #3

Hi,how do I make sure that the normals are in the right direction?

(Gabang) #4

The normals seem to be in the right direction,it is okay in Maya but it messes up when I export it through FBX

(Paul Sketch) #5

did you check out the “materila view problem” post linked Material view problem ?
it specifically applies to maya, where it explains that “any kind of modifiers, especially copy, mirror, etc should be frozen/applied.”
(maya conversion to fbx loses some information, thus sketchfab cannot infer that some parts were from copy/mirror etc, whereas maya does know about it and fix it in their render)

(Nomadking) #6

With that line running from his head to his foot, it looks like a bad triangulation problem (Ngons!). Try triangulating your mesh before uploading